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About Corporate Express

Corporate Express are a woldwide brand that specialises in office equipment and stationary goods. Corporate Express holds a product launch exhibition every year and contacted almanac to help make this years event stand out from all their past events. 

The Almanac Solution

To help make it bigger and better, Almanac added a creative spice to their annual event by incorporating a fashion show element to the day.  Brainstorming caps went on and the Almanac team brought alive the ideas of making dresses and outfits with Corporate Express products. 

From creating the concept to sourcing the manufacturers and suppliers for these specialised outfits Almanac crafted the following main pieces within extremely short lead times:

      1. Toilet paper wedding dress
      2. Highlighter dress
      3. CD / USB dress
      4. PC man
      5. Canteen (food and beverage) dress
      6. Bucket boy
      7. Envelope and manila folder dress
      8. Luggage tag dress
      9. Post-it note man

Using the outfits to represent an array of the Corporate Express product range, Almanac carefully selected and booked the most suitable models to parade these extraordinary costumes.  Have a look at some of the photos to see the time and effort that was put into making sure each model had the right look in terms of hair and make-up style.

The Corporate Express Expo also integrated the stalls for all exhibitors but this launch had the added excitement of background music playing and colourful spotlights beaming around the room, with a fancy stage constructed by Almanac solely for this event.

But it didn’t stop there! Corporate Express took this show on the road, and launched their unique fashion show all over Australia in most capital cities.  Liaising with contacts from each location, Almanac organised and managed the models, hair and make-up artists, accommodation, flights, set design, stage construction and audiovisual requirements – and then the Almanac senior event management team flew with the exhibition to assist with all that happened on-site.

The highlight of the event was the amazing toilet paper wedding dress which acted as the centerpiece of the entire show.  Representing the Sydney office for Corporate Express (and now on showcase at their head office), this outfit looked so stunning you wouldn’t believe your eyes when you saw the carefully hand sewn toilet paper and beads which made up this dress!

The event was an enormous success as a result of Almanac’s professionalism, dedication, imagination and complete attention to every particular detail of the event.

Almanac Organised The Following For The Event

Flights & Transfers




Venue Hire


Costume Concept Design




Organisation of Models & Make-Up


Set Design and Stage Concept


Onroad Organising


Dedicated Emplyees


Media Advertising

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